LimeFx Broker Review: In-Depth Analysis

Foreign exchange trading has exploded in popularity because of the greater trading opportunities it gives and because of its high liquidity. LimeFx allows its clients to participate in the $6.6 trillion-a-day FX market using the leading MetaTrader4 trading platform. The Investing Brokers team have over 15 years of experience in the online brokerage industry and are committed to providing reliable information for all of the brokers that we review.

  1. Allthese features make LimeFx an excellent choice for traders looking for areliable and user-friendly trading platform.
  2. Due to regulatory restrictions, LimeFx does not accept customers from several jurisdictions, including North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, the US, and Iran.
  3. LimeFx notes 24/5 customer support in 30+ languages, but I only came across e-mail support during my review.
  4. As for withdrawals, clients of the brokerage firm can make use of most of the payment processors we just mentioned.
  5. The abundance of available online forex brokers makes selecting the best one more challenging.

To ensure that traders will be able to gain access to a variety of assets through CFDs seamlessly, the brokerage firm provides reliable technologies and a number of tools and services. With its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art trading software and a seamless CFD-based trading experience, LimeFx caters to the needs of both beginners and seasoned professionals. The question of which forex broker to use is one of the most challenging for traders. The abundance of available online forex brokers makes selecting the best one more challenging. But don’t worry, as LimeFx is one such broker that quickly rose to the top of forex broker rankings.

The LimeFxplatform gives traders access to global commodity markets with leverage,allowing them to take advantage of price movements. As forex traders can choose both fixed andvariable spreads, they can select whichever is more suitable for their tradingstrategy. Using MT4, traders can quickly develop their own automated tradingstrategies with the help of EAs (Expert Advisors). On the other hand, if you need more stabilityduring trading, you can opt for the fixed spread account. This is because fixedspreads help traders reduce trading costs significantly. The broker also offers various financialinstruments, including Forex, Metals, Futures, Commodities, Shares, andIndices.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can take advantage of very favourable trading conditions, including a good variety of accounts and flexible spreads across a range of assets. Spreads are something that forex and othertraders need to pay as it is the cost of trading. LimeFx offers tight spreadsstarting from 1.2 pips, making it one of the most competitive brokers in themarket. As for withdrawals, clients of the brokerage firm can make use of most of the payment processors we just mentioned. While transferring funds from your trading account, you need to bear in mind that all withdrawal requests are first reviewed and approved, which might take up to 24 hours. There are several futures asset classes for traders to pick from, including currencies, indices, and commodities (oil and agriculture contracts).

Deposit and Withdrawal

With a deepliquidity pool in futures trading, traders can take large positions withoutworrying about slippage. Metal trading is an excellent option fortraders looking to diversify their portfolios and spread the risk. Traders canenjoy more liquidity and higher trading volumes while trading these metals onthe LimeFx platform. Moreover, for traders who find it challengingto place manual trades all time, the platform offers one-click trading thatsimplifies the whole process.

I have been able to trade a variety of…

LimeFx is a suitable platform for traders to learn about the market through free webinars. The more you demonstrate that you value your clients, the more likely it is that they will return and refer others to you. In light of this, LimeFx provides excellent customer service to its clients and makes this one of its top priorities.

You can trade manual and automated trading strategies in the MT4 platform. It is good to see that LimeFx treat all clients the same, regardless of your investment size or prior trading experience. Simply choose the account that is best suited to your skill, knowledge, experience and trading goals. Excellent client support is on hand 24/5 to help you as and when needed. The LimeFx platform also offers a detailedcharting package, helping traders to make better trading decisions.

It includes three videos on trading psychology, which are excellent, as it remains the primary topic beginners must master. Thewithdrawal methods are similar to the deposit methods, including wiretransfers, credit/debit cards, and wallets. Traderscan trade CFDs on global spot indices with LimeFx, such as the Aussie 200 orthe German DAX, limefx website and more. Traders can enjoy low margin and take advantage ofthe volatile markets. Whetheryou prefer fixed or floating spreads, LimeFx has you covered. Moreover,they charge a swap fee for overnight positions, calculated as the differencebetween the interbank interest rate and the broker’s rate multiplied by thesize of your position.

Customers can contact customer service representatives by phone, email, etc. To assist consumers quickly, there is also a FAQ section that includes simple answers to complex questions. LimeFx provides traders with low spreads and competitive and reliable pricing. LimeFx does not provide research to clients, but its live TV, available Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1100 (GMT), provides market coverage. I do not consider the absence of research by a broker as a negative, but it can create a service gap with more established competitors.

LimeFx’s deposit and withdrawal options align with the offerings of many other brokers in the industry. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are common choices among brokers. The reasonableness of commission fees largely depends on the trading style and preferences of individual traders. For traders who prioritize tight spreads and prefer not to pay commissions, LimeFx’s model aligns with their needs. I have been able to trade a variety of currency pairs and other instruments with this broker. Traded from LimeFx several stocks and was able to generate good profits.Stocks I operated included Home Depot, IBM and Oracle.

Much appreciated.😃 We hope LimeFx continues to meet your expectations! We’re dedicated to providing our clients with a wide range of educational materials, and we’re thrilled to hear that you have found them helpful. The broker does not mention deposit and withdrawal fees on the website or in the Client Services Agreement. No refunds after making a deposit are some very disturbing clauses in the agreement.


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